Connect with practitioners, policymakers and researchers from more than 100 countries worldwide, including members from low, middle income and crisis-affected countries with the aim for peer support and professional engagement.
Share, review and access resources such as training materials, field reports, guidelines and case studies, to support design, implementation and evaluation of mental health and psychosocial programmes in adverse and emergency situations.
Engage with other members through opportunities for knowledge exchange and learning, such as webinars, and explore updated information about available online or field level trainings, courses and certification opportunities. toolkit
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What we do

We are a hosted online platform that enables members to share resources, join groups and interact with others, based on their work and interests. The platform also plays an important role in mobilizing capacities, resources and supporting coordination around MHPSS response during emergencies. Recognizing that technology alone is not always sufficient to enable exchange or grow communities of practice, the network’s team of online hosts supports members in using the site and in helping members connect with others across the network.


Create and access groups relating to current emergencies and issues of thematic interest within the scope of mental health, psychosocial support and cross sectoral programming such as child protection and gender based violence.


Access and share resources like training manuals and materials, field reports, guidelines and case studies, to inform best practice, provide or design trainings, monitor and evaluate MHPSS activities, and support service delivery in the field.

Hosts and Members

Meet practitioners, policymakers and researchers who join from across the world for professional exchange and support from their peers. Members are supported by online Hosts to ensure the availability of key resources and activate the membership to respond to issues and themes in their localities.


Connect to diverse groups of field experts, frontline service providers, and researchers, through webinars that facilitate sharing of knowledge and experiences across a global field on topics that are informed by your needs as a member of the online community.

Communities of Practice

Join one of several community of practice spaces on the site, established for members with shared concerns in the broad MHPSS field to exchange information, share new materials, and acquire practical advice and guidance from each other.

Emergency Toolkits

Explore the network’s MHPSS Emergency Toolkits, accessible to members and containing the essential guidance, information and tools to enable them to prepare for and respond to emergencies.


Access or submit vacancy listings from organizations recruiting for positions in the MHPSS sector and related fields across the world.

Latest Resources

Here are some of the key resources our members are reading:

Yo apoyo a mis amigos - Manual de formación de facilitadores y Pu...

Este documento se encuentra en progreso actualmente e incluirá los materiales necesarios para desarrollar la capacidad de los facilitadores adultos y los p...
Uploaded by: valeflorez in I Support My Friends group
Downloaded: 27 times | Published on: Nov 10, 2021 | Download resource

Yo apoyo a mis amigos - Cuaderno de trabajo del participante...

Contiene las hojas de trabajo que utilizarán los participantes en la formación. Cada participante debe recibir su propio cuaderno de trabajo, que contiene ...
Uploaded by: valeflorez in I Support My Friends group
Downloaded: 7 times | Published on: Nov 10, 2021 | Download resource

Yo apoyo a mis amigos - Manual de formación...

Describe una capacitación paso a paso de tres días en Yo apoyo a mis amigos, que incluye estudios de casos, historias y una lista de los materiales necesar...
Uploaded by: valeflorez in I Support My Friends group
Downloaded: 27 times | Published on: Nov 10, 2021 | Download resource

Yo apoyo a mis amigos - Guía teórica y práctica...

Presenta una descripción general de los conceptos clave y la base teórica de Yo apoyo a mis amigos. Describe las consideraciones éticas y las acciones de p...
Uploaded by: valeflorez in I Support My Friends group
Downloaded: 19 times | Published on: Nov 10, 2021 | Download resource

Herramientas del mhGAP para usar en la comunidad: versión de prue...

Las Herramientas del mhGAP para usar en la comunidad forman parte del Programa de Acción para Superar las Brechas en Salud Mental de la OMS (conocido como ...
Uploaded by: valeflorez in Health services group
Downloaded: 1 times | Published on: Nov 10, 2021 | Download resource


Here are some highlights of the events, resources, and news recently shared within the community:

Join the network to discover more.

Hosted Network

If you need assistance with getting the most out of, we’re here to help! Meet our team of Network and Global hosts.

Valeria Florez

Programme Officer

Location: Peru

Hi, I am Valeria. I support’s online Spanish and Portuguese community spaces, curate our MHPSS toolkits, and help implement our different initiatives. Do please feel free to contact me if you need assistance!

Tashiya De Mel

Tashiya De Mel

ICT Advisor and Communications Strategist

Location: Sri Lanka

Hi I’m Tashiya. I support with the platform’s communications and ongoing development of the website and its functions. Please get in touch if you have any feedback or comments on either of these areas!

Shilpa Samaratunge

Shilpa Samaratunge

Network Host

Location: Sri Lanka

Hi, I’m Shilpa. I am here to help you navigate the site, upload posts or vacancies, help with technical issues, assist you with problems logging in or answer any questions you may have in relation to the newsletter. I am here to help!

Ruth Marsden

Programme Advisor

Location: Scotland

Hello, I’m Ruth. I currently lead on's work in the area of peacebuilding. I also support the team with community-engagement and processes undertaken by I hope to meet you in our spaces for dialogue and exchange!

    Marcio Gagliato

    Co-Director (Operations)

    Location: Brazil

    Hi, I am Marcio! I am responsible for MHPSS’s support & coordination, partnerships, advocacy and mapping in emergencies, both remotely and through field deployments. I also manage the webinar series and field guidance materials. Welcome to our MHPSS community!

    Ananda Galappatti

    Ananda Galappatti

    Co-Director (Strategy)

    Location: Sri Lanka

    Hello, I’m Ananda. I work with the Team and Advisory Board to ensure that this platform remains relevant and useful to our colleagues in the field. Contact me about inquiries about collaboration or feedback on what we could do better!