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The Toolkit for Integrating Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Design, Monitoring and Evaluation provides guidance and tools to support staff in integrating the Gender Equality and Social Inclusio (GESI) perspectives in all stages of project. Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) is integral to achieving global sustainable development goals, and child well-being objectives. GESI advances World Vision’s core values to promote human transformation by reaching the most vulnerable children and adults and challenging the root causes of vulnerability that sustain gender inequality and social exclusion, such as restrictive socio-cultural norms, unequal power relations and disempowering systems. The toolkit is based on a review of existing DME tools and approaches. It can be relevant to all who collaborate on gender equality and social inclusion goals which lays in to achieve sustained, transformational change at individual, household, community and societal levels so that all persons can enjoy fullness of life. It may be a useful resource for implementing partners and government stakeholders, as they collaborate on gender equality and social inclusion goals. Both individuals and organizations can use this toolkit to apply a GESI lens in all stages of project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DME).