The Guidelines for Community Based MHPSS in Humanitarian Settings: Three-tiered support for children and families aim to protect and promote children’s wellbeing and full participation within the family and community systems that surround and support them.

The guidelines offer practical information and tools to implement a range of MHPSS interventions to rapidly address the protection and psychosocial support needs of children and families, in parallel with tailored mental health interventions for those most in need. They are intended for UNICEF staff, partners and other agencies in humanitarian settings to help effectively embed MHPSS programmes for child and family wellbeing in communities. They are especially relevant for partners working in child protection, health and nutrition, education, camp management and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) to better understand the MHPSS needs of people facing or recovering from adversity. A deeper understanding of the guidelines in the field will help to improve coordination across sectors, facilitate referrals to ensure that MHPSS needs are met, and enhance coordinated implementation of effective and culturally sound humanitarian interventions that reduce the potential for further harm.

The compendium of resources supplements the global guidance through providing a set of resources that can be used in different field settings.