The Guidelines on children's reintegration provides practical guidance to help governments, donors, NGOs, faith-based organizations, and practitioners to design high quality programs, measure impact, train practitioners, and pursue national-level systemic change in support of integration. The Guidelines provide a framework for anyone seeking to ensure family care for children. They build upon a solid evidence base, developed through extensive desk-based research which explored good practice in the reintegration of separated children in emergencies, former child soldiers, street children, institutionalised children, migrant children, and children who have been trafficked.

The guidelines call for: (1) support for children and families at all stages of the process for proper preparation and follow-up; (2) a holistic package including economic strengthening, access to basic services, therapeutic support, and efforts to address violence and abuse in families; (3) work to enable communities to monitor and assist reintegrating children, and to reduce stigma and discrimination and (4) strengthening of child protection systems to create an environment which promotes effective reintegration.