The Nurturing the Spiritual Development of Children Toolkit is designed to help equip faith actors to engage actively in the protection of children from violence in early childhood and the promotion of children’s holistic well-being by supporting parents, caregivers, educators and communities to nurture children’s spiritual development and take an active role in addressing violence in early childhood. The Toolkit is tailored for organizations — faith-based organizations, religious communities, or other civil society organizations interested in the spiritual development of children — and is designed to complement holistic development approaches and to be integrated in existing parenting, education and/ or ECD programs. The Toolkit presents a Learning Program for Adults as well as Activities for Children.
The Learning Program for Adults is designed for use with the following types of people: • Faith actors who work directly with families and children or in daycare centers, early learning settings, etc.; • Parents and caregivers of children up to 8 years; and • Educators and other community members involved in early childhood care and learning. The Toolkit is comprised of the Introduction & Rationale, 7 Booklets and a Flipbook, including a Learning Program for Adults, Activities for Children, Guides for Organizations, Trainers and Facilitators to support systematic implementation into already existing programs for early childhood and a Guide for Religious and Spiritual Leaders.