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The Photovoice Guidance 10 Simple Steps to Involve Children in Needs Assessment is primarily aimed at country-level Save the Children staff and partners responsible for implementing development or humanitarian programmes. It brings together practical and tested ‘how-to’ guidance from colleagues in Bangladesh. Photovoice is a participatory action research methodology that was coined by Caroline Wang in the 1990s. She describes Photovoice as a methodology that enables people to identify, represent and enhance their community and life circumstances through photography. Photovoice projects aim to make voices heard and support the self-development of participants. Photovoice can be used as a needs assessment tool and to develop a more contextual understanding of the context in which a programme is embedded. In addition to understanding children’s needs, this might include an analysis of children’s coping strategies, giving you an insight into the innate resources and support structures that you will need to strengthen. Obtaining children’s voices at the planning stage, can effectively ensure a programme targets the articulated needs of children and resonates with their lived realities. Photovoice can also be used at to re-define what success and impact looks like, transforming monitoring and evaluation frameworks.