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The Teacher's Guide to Psychosocial Support Activities for Students has been designed for the first weeks of return to face-to-face education to support teachers’ efforts in promoting the psychosocial well-being of students as it provides interactive inclusive activities for children aged 6 - 16. The activities contribute to building positive relationships and attitudes, promoting students’ self-esteem, encouraging them to express their feelings, communicate their emotions and deepen their relationship with the school. Furthermore, these activities reduce the impact of potential emotional stress and behavioural problems and prompt students to seek help when needed in a safe school environment. The guide consists of two parts: the first part tackles the most important mental and social health concepts related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which may have an impact on students' academic achievement, life skills, and communication with peers and society. These concepts include: psychosocial well-being, psychosocial support, positive discipline, referral, peer support, and inclusive education. The second part of the guide includes inclusive interactive activities, and some strategies that attempt at alleviating the effects of the psychological pressures that students were exposed to during the period of closure. The guide was developed specifically for teachers in Jordan, but can be used in all countries.