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The Thinking Healthy manual for Psychosocial Management of Perinatal Depression is to guide community health workers on how to support mothers with depression through evidence based cognitive behavioral techniques that are recommended by the mhGAP programme. It is designed for integration into maternal and child health care programmes in primary care. It requires no previous knowledge or experience of mental health care. Thinking Healthy has an introductory session, followed by five modules covering the period from the second or third pregnancy trimester to the first year of the infant‘s life. The contents of the sessions and activities for the mother are tailored according to the age and developmental stage of the infant and the needs of the mother at each stage. Each module has three sessions, each session covering one of the three areas relevant to mother and infant health during pregnancy and after childbirth – the mother‘s personal well-being, the mother-infant relationship, and the relationship with and support from significant others.