Type: Advocacy Resource

Author: The University of Oxford, WHO, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNODC, University College London, the University of Cardiff, the Global Protection Cluster Children Protection Area of Responsibility, the International Rescue Committee, the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, Save the Children, World Without Orphans, the Early Childhood Development Action Network, Maestral, Changing the Way we Care, and the Mental Health Psychosocial Support Collaborative.

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Connect Tools

The CONNECT project aims to support actors involved in responding to the situation of unaccompanied children arriving in Europe. Key issues addressed by these actors include recognition as a child and access to reception services, legal representation and guardianship, the participation of children in procedures, access to education and health services. Other important issues are disappearances from centers, how to determine the best interest of the child and identification of possible child victims of trafficking. Each project country have through pilot projects developed practical tools which can be used by actors across the EU Member States. These tools address specific aspects of how actors address the situation of these children and can be used separately or together as a toolkit: 1. Who's responsible? A tool to strengthen cooperation between actors involved in the protection system for unaccompanied migrant children (Italy) 2. Local cooperation for unaccompanied children: A tool to assess and improve reception condition (Sweden) 3. Standards to esnure that unaccompanied migrant children are able to fully participate: A tool to assist actors in legal and judicial proceedings (The UK) 4. The right to be heard and participation of unaccompanied children: A tool to support the collection of children’s views on protection and reception services (The Netherlands) 5. Working with the unaccompanied child: A tool to support the collection of children’s views on protection and reception services (The Netherlands) 6. Evaluation sheet - End of guardianship form (to be filled in by child).

Type: Resource Package

Author: CONNECT Project. Project partners: Save the Children Sweden, UNHCR Bureau for EU Affairs, Swedish County Administration in Västra Götaland, Save the Children Italy, Don Calabria Institute, The Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, Coram Children’s Legal Centre, and Stichting Nidos.

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